How to Choose Perfect Table Lamp

Along with 10 lovely table lamp selections!

Details always matter. When you’re going deeper into designing or decorating your space, even the tiniest element in your room could affect the whole ambience. Especially when we talk about lighting. From general to decorative, lighting was designed to create a certain mood and not just only to “light up the room.” The fact is lighting can completely alter a room’s vibe and turn it from a dull boring space into a cozy relaxing corner.

Breathe a new life into your room with the perfect choices of table lamp. Kisah Ruang features range of lighting fixtures that combine timeless charm, modern silhouette and smart functionality.

When used right, a table lamp can give a vibe with its layer decorative lighting, whether your room is dark or bright. Read more on some insights before you decided to buy a table lamp.

1. Find the Right Spot.
Before choosing a table lamp, establish what and where you need it for. Both things will play a big game of choosing the right table lamp. For example, for bed table lamp you will need a table lamp with a smaller size with a cozy lighting. Hence, the spot determines everything when starting to choose a table lamp!

2. Get the Height Right.
A good rule of thumb is your table lamp should no more that 1 ½ times the height of the table it will placed on and the lamp shade should not be bigger that the table top itself. It helps give the room more dramatic look.

3. Play with Style.
From classic to modern look, find your perfect table lamp on! The style of your table lamp will determine the whole look you set for your room. Whether it’s dark or bright, make sure the table lamp become the center of attraction!

4. Look for a Dimmable Lamp.
For extra flexibility, choose a dimmable table lamp. It is important to create the mood and function of the lamp itself and of course, energy saving.

5. Purchase the Right Bulb.
Adding the dimmable feature, if you are going to go with LEDs, make sure the LED bulb is also dimmable. If the purpose of the lamp is for reading, the we recommend to choose a light bulb that is 12 watts or above.

Here are 10 best selection of table lamp curated by us!

By Kisah Ruang