Fiber Motel: Your Bespoke Fiber Art

Details always matter.

We always are big fan of a reinvention of an art, especially when it comes to local craftsmanship. Most of us must be familiar with macramé. This local art often found in local souvenir shops in cities like Bali and Jogjakarta. We also can easily found this kind of craftsmanship online at e-commerce shop. Where they usually described as a ‘dream catchers,’ as that was almost exclusively the only shape it was made in.

Janet Jane, founder of Fiber Motel

Janet Jane started Fiber Motel in 2017. Fiber Motel is a design studio focusing on creative bespoke fiber art and installations. “When we first started in 2017, macramé and weaving were not a big thing yet in Indonesia. Now, Fiber Motel has turned from an ‘I’ to a ‘We’. Together with my team, we design and create art installations made from fiber. Our artworks are designed to tell a visual story.” as she speaks and written on Fiber Motel official website,

Fiber Art – Framed – Maze
Fiber Art – Framed – Border

Fiber Motel decided to reinvent and modernize macramé and weaving to create pieces that were more versatile. They explore patterns and shapes that weren’t exclusively designed to keep nightmares away, like most of us always identify macramé with the “dream catcher” concept.

Fiber Motel art collections combining classic technique with modern design. Macrame also often associated with a ‘bohemian-style’ and that is clearly not the direction taking by Fiber Motel team. “Our focus is taking a classic technique and combining it with modern design. We want to show people that macrame is versatile and it does belong in modern times, in modern interiors.”

“It’s the small things that matter most.” Fiber Motel highly believes in the quality of details. For them, the satisfaction comes from knowing that they gave everything and did their best in creating a piece.

“Everything we do, we do with a lot of heart.” – Fiber Motel

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By Kisah Ruang
Courtesy of Fiber Motel