Inga Sempé x HAY’s Pandarine Collection: Odes to Everyday Life and Ordinary Objects

By Ria Iskandar

If you live in a smaller space, you know that you have to make the most of every inch. Some design items that is not too bulky yet stylish and comfy at the same time would be a perfect fit! Yet, I can make sure that Pandarine is just what you want.

Let’s talk about the brand first. Who doesn’t love HAY? The Danish inspired brand for modern living is just oh-so-loving. With all their eye-catching collections — from the range of essential furniture to quirky decorative items — HAY definitely have it all!

Last year the brand has announced their collaboration with famous French designer, Inga Sempé. Pandarine, is a range of sofa collection designed by Sempé for HAY. The design features modernity as well as Sempé’s iconic approach for the need of the daily function. The ‘mattress-like’ concept is another highlight from Pandarine. The collections are available in two or three-seaters version with option to additional chaise lounge and corner modules.

Here’s what comes to Sempe’s mind while designing this range of exceptional comfort.

What was your goal when designing it?

Inga Sempé: My only thought when I design a sofa: it has to be comfy but not bulky, as most people live in small apartments.

How would you characterize Pandarine?

Inga Sempé: Pandarine is a highly comfortable sofa, to be used in all positions, sitting straight, lounging, resting, lying down. It offers the possibility to put up or down the backrests. It is very soft, from the mattress and the backrests to the large, round armrests, which is not common for modular sofa.

Where did you find inspiration?

Inga Sempé: Beds are the most comfortable pieces of furniture that exist, especially if you add a large choice of pillows to fit all the positions you want to hold. Pandarine is meant to exist like a bed: a soft mattress, on which the backrests are like huge and soft foldable pillows. The armrests are like comfortable bolsters, where you can also rest your head if a nap is on the program.

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