The Story of DOJO

Furniture that gives meaning to human life.

DOJO – behind the making.

The sleek silhouette from the range of Seed chair series look so undeniably appealing. The local brand behind those beauties — DOJO — claim themselves as a universal brand and platform for designers and manufacturers to produce products that are timeless and give meaning to human life.

“Based on human-centric approach and clear functionality, we challenge ourselves in the search for meaning and comfort to help people seeking the balance of life.”

DOJO Seed 3 Lounge Chair

The beauty of DOJO’s philosophy seems to be their charisma. A story for everyone to remember.

The brand look towards art, design, architecture, and those in between in the process of designing to bring a sense of place and create a frame for life to happen.

“We primarily perceive the world using our senses, therefore, by putting them in mind at the very beginning of the design process,” as the brand believe. DOJO aims to bring an extra layer of softness, emotion, and poetry to space with their products. All the materials also are selected consciously to bring better impact to the environment and society.

DOJO Seed Series

Seed Series
A perfect interpretation of a visual balance. The simple curve backrest of the seed chair gives perfect comfort for the users. It can be placed in any kind of setting. Seed is the series collections of chair that offers multiple options of wood finishing, such as natural sungkai, dark brown stained and black-open pore texture.

The brand believes by giving various options of upholstery finishes and colours, it allows flexibility to the chair to cater different needs from different project category.

The lounge chair perfectly complements other elements in the space as it blends seamlessly in any kind of setting. It allows people to sit down, lean back, and relax with its curvy backrest and cushion seat.

Meanwhile, the bar chair provides a sense of warmth and comfort for its users at the setting of the kitchen island or bar counter. The same as the dining chair and the lounge chair, the bar chair offers different options of types of finishing in the colour of the wood and the upholstery.

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By Kisah Ruang
Source & Images: Courtesy of DOJO