5 Indoor Vases and Planters That We Love

Let the nature in.

Now that gardening become a trend, why don’t you go further to bring the plant inside! In fact it has a lot of benefits — like cleaning the air you breathe — while make your space looks good.

Not only the plants, you should consider the vase that you will use to put this jolt of greens inside your room. Our stunning plants and flowers also deserve a perfect display that’s just as eye-catching as they are.

While choosing the wide range of vase and planters sometimes can be confusing, here are some of curated vase from Kisah Ruang that also are the easiest way to do a home upgrade.

Egna Vase, Remakemfg

This 3D printed vase has a simple and contemporary shape, it will make a beautiful addition to your space. Even you can place it with or without flowers or plants.

Cerro Cover Pot, Remakemfg

Made from plant based plastic, this 3D print cover pot will bring character to anywhere you place. It has diameter of 10cm and recommended for indoor plants or even a cactus. Avoid placing it in direct sunlight.

Tangkai, Tyaga Goods

Marble base with brass stand flower structure. Tangkai by Tyaga Goods gives a minimalist look for your flowers or plants. The design is eye-catching, more like a piece of art that you could perfectly place at the corner of any room in your home.

Planeetalla Vase, Heim Decor

Such a unusal and out of the box design. Either placed next to your candles or sitting beautifully as a center piece on your dining table. This artwork and vase is worth to display.

Monti Vase, Vivianne Faye Home

These vases are so beautiful that they can be used as pieces of room décor without flowers on any shelf, table or mantel. They bring a touch of personality to any living space by adding these beautiful vases.

By Kisah Ruang
Images Courtesy of Remakemfg, Tyaga Goods, Heim Décor,
Vivianne Faye Home