Three Local Best-Designed Hotel and Private Resort of 2022

From the Art Deco style hotel in Bandung city to a private tent resort in Banyuwangi.

Now that everyone can travel with no more strict rules, the raise of property and hotel industries are starting to show. Among all the new names of hotel and resort destination, there are three local destination that you should know.

Each destination was designed beautifully by well-known architects and interior. The place offer not only relaxation, but also, they bring the best from their design. Most of the design was inspired from the landscape and the nature where it belongs.

From the five stars hotel in Bandung City to the private tent resort in Banyuwangi, Kisah Ruang curated three local best-designed hotel and private resort of 2022 that you should visit soon.

1. The Gaia Hotel, Bandung

Located at Jalan Dr. Setiabudi, Bandung, The Gaia Hotel Bandung stretches across an area of 2.3 hectares with soothing mountain views. Led by architect Ferry Ridwan from Studio TonTon architecture firm with interior designed by CWDO and Willis Kusuma, this 16-floor hotel features a bold open spatial design with a distinctive Art Deco touch.

Adapted to the characteristic of Bandung city, the architecture presents Art Deco style as a typical representation of the city.

The rooms type ranges from the Deluxe City View, the Deluxe Mountain View to the Family Studio. Each room comes accompanied by a balcony, allowing the guest to enjoy fresh air and a range of spectacular views.

Instagram @thegaiabandung

2. Omah Jati Private Resort, Anyer

Omah Jati, Anyer

Everyone seems to be enthusiast for this resort opening. Omah Jati Private Resort in Anyer designed by Andra Matin and his team. The tagline ‘designed to reflect the Teak resort’ describe the concept of the building itself.
The resort described as a dialogue of design and tranquility. The design focuses on the well-being of people within a space and how design and materials can elevate people’s life.

Instagram @omahjati_anyer

3. Kunang Kunang Tent Resort, Banyuwangi

Located in Banyuwangi. Kunang Kunang Tent Resort brings us back to the nature. The glamping destination is placed in the middle of Licin Valley surrounded by forest and river. It doesn’t take long for this destination to be one of Jakartans and other big city people’s favourite.

The architecture and interior of Kunang Kunang Tent Resort Is also become one of the point of attraction for this place. The dome-shaped architecture with warmth ambience of interior was dominated with a large window so that visitor still can get connected to nature while they’re inside the inn.

The atmosphere of this place is so beautiful since it is also located directly facing the river, making it one of the suitable lodging for self-healing. The resort is offering 15 units of dome-shaped rooms and a restaurant with a capacity up to 50 people. It is also a perfect staycation place if you intend to hunt the Blue Fire in Ijen Crater.

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Images Courtesy of Kunang Kunang Tent Resort, Instagram @thegaiabandung @bysomwher