Stylish Eid Decoration Ideas For Your Home

Let’s get festive!

Eid is one of the festive celebration that always awaited not only for Muslims, but for the world. Eid marks the end of the Ramadhan month while it represents gratitude and celebration of life. It is when people celebrate the day together with their loved ones, the celebration of Eid always festive with its food and of course: decoration.

Welcoming Eid on this year, many of us has prepare list things-to-do to make sure the celebration went well. And, there is no better place to celebrate this very special day but our own home. Therefore, Kisah Ruang features some of simple yet beautiful Eid decoration ideas to transform your home into paradise.

Read on for some inspirations.

Put on a Beautiful Carpet.
A carpet that rich of pattern will be an instant upgrade in your home interior during Eid. Put something that is rich of colour with thematic pattern to transform your home in to a cozy holistic paradise.

Simple Wall Art
A simple modern wall art with Islamic calligraphy also will magically transform the atmosphere of your room. Use a big sizing frame to make the wall art as the center of the Eid decoration.

Rust Pillow, Pinnapple Furniture

Use Colour Themed Pillow
Do some visual tricks with small elements in your interior. For example, you can change your sofa pillow cover with the bright colour or thematic patterns to give a new look and festive ambience to the whole room.

Festive Table Setting
Eid is always symbolize the celebration of life, including food, health and togetherness. Table setting will always be the center of the whole decoration. Make sure to keep your dining table rich and elegant during the day.

Play with Lights
Lanterns and candles will create a mood with its decorative soft lighting. These kind of decorative lights will work well pointed at the centre of a dining table to draw people in. Also, you can use it at your favourite corner at home.

By Kisah Ruang
Images courtesy of Pinterest, Unsplash, Vivianne Faye Home, Pinnapple Furniture