10 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Interior Inspiration

Take a virtual trip to these inspirational pages.

Instagram is one of most favourite places for design inspiration. There are lots of inspirational accounts for design and lifestyle from photographer to purely a design lover, their social pages are definitely worth to visit.

Here we curated 10 of Instagram accounts that we hope will give you a new ideas and design inspiration.

@thewaveshavecome – 80,5k followers

The first account is owned by Miriam Stimpfl, a content creator and visual storyteller. Check out her page and inspirational post of interiors and décor ideas.

@scandinavianhomes – 1m followers

A Scandinavian design lover should follow @scandinavianhomes! You can easily guess the theme of the content from the account’s name.

@muutodesign – 1m followers

Who doesn’t love Muuto? A well-known design brand that is rooted in the Scandinavian design tradition characterized by enduring aesthetics and functionality. Check out their Instagram page to get new perspectives of Scandinavian design.

@design_interior_homes – 3.1m followers

If you’re planning to renovate your old or new home, then @design_interior_homes are surely being a perfect inspiration for you!

@henriknero – 112k followers

Henrik Nero is a photographer and interior designer based in Stockholm. He is also the founder of @nerointerior and a blogger at the Residence Magazine. Nero’s Instagram page is mind-blowing!

@anordicmoment – 20,2k followers

@anordicmoment teach us a lot about Nordic culture. The account’s owner, Helle C Rye spoils her followers with many photos of her two of beautiful homes in Denmark.

@slow_ri – 174k followers

Now if you’re into Korean minimalist style of design, do no miss this account! @slow_ri features many of inspiration of modern minimalist style that become a design trend in South Korea.

@warmgrace – 83.9k followers

Partnered with @slow_ri, the next account you should visit is @warmgrace. The daily life of the owner and her family will become an inspiration.

@plainn__ – 166k followers

Enter the world of @plainn__ Instagram account’s owner through her page. Everything’s about cute recipes and interiors.

@kelincitertidur – 138k followers

Ayi is the story teller behind @kelincitertidur Instagram account. You will never get bored to see lots of inspirational content from design, home décor, recipes until daily life on this Indonesia based blogger account.

By Kisah Ruang
Images Courtesy of Pexels, Instagram @thewaveshavecome @scandinavianhome @muutodesign @design_interior_homes @henriknero @anordicmomen @slow_ri @warmgrace @plainn__ @kelincitertidur