Local Infusion in Indonesian Design Brands Nowadays

When culture become the inspiration.

Every brand has a story. Every product born from an inspiration. For these three well-known local design brands — heritage and culture become their inspiration. Each brand looks so appealing with their philosophies. Not just offering a good quality of design, but their accomplishment is to tell the story of craftsmanship and culture through their collections.

Kisah Ruang is proud to be one of their representative. When each brand tells stories that play a powerful role in building their concept because they create emotional bonds with those considered to be the brand’s big fans.

Here we curated the stories of three Indonesian based local brands that infuse culture as their main inspiration.

Super Rattan

Luna Table Lamp, Super Rattan

“We build the contemporer heritage of Indonesia and designed them in modern way.”

Here at Super Rattan, the brand are committed to give a whole new experience of rattan. The idea of rattan might sound a bit traditional or lack of modernity for some people. By incorporating rattan in various designs, the brand hopes that people will consider or even use rattan to fill their homes with warmth and coziness only rattan can provide.

To make this idea come to live, Super Rattan use only the super fine materials supported by talented designers and skillful local artisans. With all of these elements gathered, they present quality products, ranging from home accessories to furnishings, which each of them designed exclusively and carefully to meet every aesthetic need.

Visit https://kisahruang.com/shop/vendor/super-rattan


Eugenio Hendro, in collaboration with EVERY

“Live your EVERY day with a twist.”

EVERY is a furniture brand driven by creative innovation. They help small days feel bigger by providing solutions that will elevate your everyday. Why settle for the ordinary when you can make your day a little bit brighter? Crafting meaning from common everyday trivialities, the brand makes furniture that’s both fun and functional.
EVERY piece is made of quality by local craftsmen in collaboration with designers to work towards a better future, one furniture at a time.

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Pazo Stool, AIEVL

“We experiment with materials and production techniques to generate breakthrough ideas.”

AIEVL was founded by Denny R Priyatna, an award-winning designer based in Indonesia. He was graduated from Bandung Institute of Technology and completed a Masters at Central Saint Martins in London. He previously worked for Lumina Group and Eterno Workshop. His works have w

In life beauty masks reality. Often, we forget the way nature is made of two distinct forms to seek balance. AIEVL want to embrace the duality, the true nature of life, by transforming its character into inanimate objects and materials. Because there are two sides of every story: the black and the white. The ones that make a life, alive.

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By Kisah Ruang
Source www.superrattan.id, www.everycollections.com, www.aievl.com
Images courtesy of AIEVL, Super Rattan, EVERY