This Colour in Interior Boost Most Creativity and Happiness.

Find the answer.

Have you ever considered why you feel energized after being a while in a vibrant room colour? And more relaxed when you’re in neutral and light space. This is what we called as the part of colour psychology.

Colour is one of the powerful element in interior. It can affects not only the whole visual but also our mood. Different shade of colours evoke different type of emotion.

While we’re talking about colour psychology in interior, many people desire for a particular colour that brings more energy and passion while they’re working. To feel more happy and creative in our space.

Answering that, Kisah Ruang would say that red colour is the answer. Like once said “red is the most intense colour, it raises a room’s energy level and pumps up the adrenaline. Ambition, action and will power are all qualities attributed to this colour, which is why red is a great option for home offices and creative spaces.”

On the other hand, red is never boring. It could bring calmness when you put it right with all other design elements. Now since you already know the answer of the color that bring most energy and creativity, you want to start to redecorate your space but don’t know where to start.

Red is never boring. Daring and bold, this colour commands attention.

Why don’t you start with this mood board that we created for you? From local to international design brands, here we curate some of red design items that will enrich your space wherever they placed.

Leha Lounge Chair, EVERY

The chair design from EVERY can snooze in any room you put it. The chair is a flow of circular lines that lead you to unwind and take a break. Leha is perfect for leaning into an exciting discussion or for silently planning your weekend. So sit back and relax, or as we called it, Leha.

Bicoca Lamp by Marset, LAFLO

Marset’s Bicoca is a portable and chargeable table lamp that can easily be moved from place to another. Designed by Christophe Mathieu, Bicoca lamp fills the space with its soft light and joyful spirit. Launched in 2017, Bicoca combines aesthetics of French vintage with modern techniques and materials – the lamp is made of lightweight and durable polycarbonate.

Bored Not Bored Desk, Materium

Bored Not Bored Lapdesk by Materium is a versatile lapdesk in a simple yet stylish shape. The powder-coated aluminum promotes a long product life, makes it lightweight and portable to support change of mood in your working activity, yet provide sturdiness to any gadgets you have.

Bamboo Silk Batik 28P Rug, Enzo Carpet

Its unique pattern was inspired from Batik, the Bamboo Silk Batik 28P Rug from Enzo Carpet is everything you need to give a touch of vibrant in your room. A high quality rug in a modern look.

By Kisah Ruang

Images Courtesy of Pinterest, EVERY, Materium, Marset, Enzo Carpet